Gap Analysis Template

Update History

  • [Update February 28, 2023 v3.3] minor revisions to formatting of the template.
  • [Update February 3,2023 v3.3] template and readme revised materially to reflect changes in process and terminology and transition to Orchestra
  • [Update May 8, 2020] - template updated
  • [Update April 11, 2019] - Minor revisions in instructions and formatting.
  • [Update September 14, 2016] - Minor revisions in instructions and formatting.
  • [Update May 23. 2016] - updated with the new "FIX Trading Community" logo and revised copyright information plus minor typographical error corrections.
  • [Update Feb. 5, 2013] - template and readme file has been updated.
  • [Update Oct. 31, 2011] - minor update to template with clearer instructions.
  • [Update Jan. 21, 2011] - template layout has been updated and footer updated with proper copyright dates. Added a table to carry proposed abbreviations and better organization for identifying descriptive text that can be stored in the Repository. Readme file also updated with additional instructions.
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