Business Practices

FIX Business Practices are produced to address topics relating to business processes or best practices where not relating directly to the usage or implementation of FIX Standards.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License. Note some documents may be listed under multiple headings to aid navigation.



Asia Pacific Equities IOI Charter 425.32 KB 61 downloads December 10, 2020

A collective of industry associations, ASIFMA, Quorum 15, Asia TraderForum, the FIX Trading Community engaged in a collaborative to established a consistent approach for issuing Indications of Interest. ...

Shanghai/Hong Kong Connect: ASIFMA & FIX Trading Community Implementation Guide 513.94 KB 626 downloads April 10, 2015

Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect, also known as Mutual Market Access or the "through train", is a pilot programme that signals the continuation of Mainland China's capital markets' opening to direct overseas...

    Data & Analytics


    FIX Trade Flag Scenarios (European equities) 558.08 KB 235 downloads January 15, 2024

    Guidance on trade flag usage for various trading scenarios for equities and equity-like instruments in the UK and EU. ...

    European Equities Addressable Liquidity Definitions 791.00 KB 67 downloads December 6, 2023

    Release of business standards covering definitions of addressable liquidity. The lack of such standards has been a problem for the industry for many years, and improvements to post-trade transparency driven...

    FPL Recommended Standards for the Consolidation of Trade Reports and Market Data in Europe 727.60 KB 586 downloads February 6, 2017

    This document details the recommended standards for the consolidation of trade reports and market data for European equity markets. These industry-driven recommendations mark an important milestone in...

    TCA Best Practices for Equities_including IA comments 1.03 MB 569 downloads January 20, 2017

    Further refines ongoing TCA requirements across asset classes. The common goal is to provide the industry with specific guidelines to promote TCA standardization. ...

    TCA Best Practices for Equities 1.04 MB 1038 downloads January 21, 2014

    Develops industry-wide terminology and methodology for Equities, from pre-trade to post-trade analytics. ...

      Risk Management


      Recommended Risk Control Guidelines (2012) 306.50 KB 540 downloads January 1, 2012

      Provides information around risk management and encourage firms to incorporate best practices in support of their electronic trading platforms. ...



        FIX Execution Venue Reporting Best Practice Guidelines 439.75 KB 1715 downloads July 22, 2020

        Defines the usage expectations for the FIX fields that describe the final destination point of an execution, the capacity of the broker for that execution and the nature of liquidity (added or taken) for...