Membership Benefits

How will membership benefit my firm?

FIX Trading Community™ is an industry-driven organisation. It has successfully attracted participation from more than 280 of the world’s leading financial service companies, which represent every corner of the trading community.

Member firms enjoy the unique opportunity to participate in the development and promotion of FIX’s standards, these often having a significant impact on their ability to do business. Below are the main reasons why membership is so important, to individual firms and the industry as a whole. For specific details of member benefits, click here.

Participate in this practical joint industry initiative alongside buy-side, sell-side, trading venue, vendor and regulatory participants, all working to improve the global trading process by:

  • Interacting with industry experts, peers, clients and competitors in a neutral forum to resolve industry issues affecting your firm and your clients.
  • Driving change and helping to shape the future trading environment by participating in the decision-making process influencing the evolution of FIX’s standards.
  • Participating in the organisation’s work, benefitting from networking opportunities and the potential to learn about the very latest developments in advance of the wider trading community.
  • Guiding the direction of the FIX Trading Community by becoming (or participating in the election of) its leaders.

Support FIX Trading Community financially to ensure the long-term viability of FIX by:

  • Protecting the intellectual property of FIX and in turn your firm’s FIX-related investments, ensuring the industry can continue confidently to use FIX standards while also enabling others to build and support commercial products and services based upon them.
  • Enabling the FIX Trading Community to engage service providers to supplement volunteer efforts, ensuring it is possible to continue the work required to ensure FIX meets constantly evolving industry and regulatory requirements.
  • Enabling the FIX Trading Community to promote and educate its work through its website, community forums, conferences and media, and to provide access to the latest specifications, news and developments.

Membership Benefits
Shaping The Industry
Gain access to FIX Trading Community committees and working groups: – originate, participate in and drive initiatives that are shaping the future of trading – benefit from educational and networking opportunities – apply for and vote on leadership positions All Members
Influence the direction and design of the FIX standardsAll Members
Access the FIX Trading Community discussion forum – collaborate with other members on topical issues and ask questions to our technical leadership teamAll Members
Raising Your Firm’s Profile
Be recognised as a firm who promotes the development and use of open standardsAll Members
Receive branding and exposure opportunities: – Company logo exposure at all FIX Trading Community’s events – Company logo featured on the FIX website home page – Company logo featured in each edition of Global Trading magazine, distributed to 12,000+ readers quarterly – Focused branding on FIX Trading Community marketing materials and newsletters – Two weeks per year of free advertising space on the FIX websitePremier Global Members only
FIX Trading Community Events
Receive an allocation of free passes to all FIX Trading Community events globallyRegular Members: 1 pass Premier Global Members: 3 passes
Obtain discounts and advance purchase opportunities on FIX Trading Community event sponsorship/exhibitor packages, plus additional free passes and discounts on further pass purchasesRegular and Premier Members
Exclusive notification of sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities at FIX Trading Community events in advance of regular members and the wider communityPremier Global Members only
New Premier Global members receive a 25% discount on sponsorship at one FIX Trading Community event in the first yearPremier Global Members only
Other Benefits
Access FIX implementation and productivity tools including: – Machine-readable specification of the FIX Protocol – Orchestra Server (ETP S-Box) for production and design of API specifications – Tools such as ‘Playlist’ and ‘Log2Orchestra’ for using and generating machine-readable message specifications All Members
The ability to select up to 3 brands to benefit from full FIX Trading Community Regular membershipPremier Global Members only