September 11th Memorial

Our colleagues…  Our friends…  We will forever remember and miss you…

Tuesday, September 11, 2001 will be forever remembered.  Tragedy struck not only New York, Washington DC, and Pennsylvania, but rather the entire world.  Thousands and thousands of people were victims of this senseless act.  All of us were affected either through personal loss or emotionally.  Sadly, many of our colleagues within the financial community were victims.  FIX Trading Community has designated this area as a vehicle for the FIX community to recognize and commemorate the colleagues we’ve lost.

Our Friend: Scott Saber
Firm: UBS Warburg
Role at Firm: Executive Director, Equities
Former Firms: Vie Systems, Morgan Stanley, Merrin Financial
Industry Role: One of the original members of the U.S. FIX Steering Committee since 1995.  Member of U.S. FIX Steering Committee.

Loving Comments:

I have known Scott since 1995 and consider him a true friend.  His good nature, strong personality, and sense of humor certainly invigorated otherwise dull FIX Steering Committee meetings for many years.  I will truly miss you…
— Sep 19, 2001 – Scott Atwell, American Century
Scott brought people together – clients, vendors, competitors – he was a “hub” of interaction. He was a true New Yorker, a good guy with a big laugh and an even bigger heart. Like it or not, you could always count on him for an honest and passionate opinion. He was a spokesperson for FIX and connectivity, a great public speaker with a vision towards a future made better by technology. He was always there to help and we will miss him. It was fun, Scott. May God bless you and keep you.
— Sep 19, 2001 – Joe Sommer, CS First Boston
I had the opportunity to get to know Scott through the FIX committee and other industry meetings. He was fun to be with, had a big heart and a great, smiling face. He always livened up the conversations and I truly miss him.
— Sep 19, 2001 – Rich Ronan, Alliance Capital
I have known Scott since 1994 as a colleague and a friend, and will always remember him for his generosity and consideration. He loved to be with people. He was honest and open and relished an intellectual debate on any topic. I will never forget Scott’s unique way of influencing others to see the lighter side of potentially adverse situations with his creative sense of humor and ever so entertaining nature. May God bless you Scott, we will think of you often.
— Sep 20, 2001 – Bill Hebert, Fidelity Capital Markets
Scott always had a smile on his face; whether it was enjoying dinner with friends or a mischievous grin accompanying a biting comment to someone who just didn’t get it. A leader, a mentor and above all a friend; you could always rely on Scott for an honest, forthright opinion. He had a vision for the future and a pragmatic approach to turning this into reality, while at the same time reminding us all not to take ourselves so seriously!
We will miss you Scott, but you will live on in our hearts…  Keep smiling….
— Sep 25, 2001 – Ross Hutcheon, UBS Warburg
Too soon my friend. Too soon. Your knowledge of our industry and witty perspective on how all the pieces of our complex connectivity puzzle fits together was always delivered with enthusiasm and confidence. I will never forget how you would laugh at your own stories and jokes while you were telling them. Funny? Yes. But man you knew what you were talking about; and people listened. You taught us to be confident in our knowledge and deliver it with a smile. We will all miss you greatly…
— Sep 28, 2001 – Dave Connor, Lehman Brothers
I was lucky enough to have known Scott. We did not always see eye to eye about everything, but spending time with him was always a pleasure without a dull moment. He will not be forgotten.
— Sep 28, 2001 – Tim Wildenberg, UBS Warburg
I’ve known Scott since my early days on the FIX Executive Committee. I’ve always had tremendous respect for him – he brought passion, humor and intelligence to all his endeavors. He was a powerful advocate for the FIX protocol and a great person to work with. He will be greatly missed by many.
— Oct 1, 2001 – Stewart Johnson, Guardian
Scott had a tremendous influence on my career and taught me so much about finding the bright side of any difficult situation. I had great fortune to work with Scott twice over the last 10 years and he always had time to listen and give counsel. More so, he was truly like an older brother to me and I miss him tremendously. His passion for life and incredible generosity had a positive impact on the lives of so many people. Take care Buff, thanks for everything..
— Oct 23, 2001 – John Coulter, Javelin Technologies
I had the great fortune of having known Scott and grown with Scott over many years. Whether it was teasing me about my on-going singledom at New Year’s or sending a ‘care’ package to my job, you just knew you were never far from Scott’s thoughts no matter how many months or years had gone by. To this day, I still yearn to pick up the phone and hear that voice or order mushrooms in a restaurant with him just to watch the reaction.
I’ll miss you always.

— Aug 12, 2002 – Nicole M. Goudey-Rigger, Alliance Capital Management, LP

Our Friend: Bill Kelly
Firm: Bloomberg
Role at Firm: Project Manager – Client Connectivity & Equity E-Commerce
Former Firms:
Industry Role: Active participant among the FIX and electronic trading communities

Loving Comments:

Bill and I became colleagues about 2 years ago at Bloomberg and quickly became friends. Bill epitomized the term ‘team player’, and would give the shirt off his back to a stranger. There wasn’t a selfish bone in his body and he had a heart of gold. I’m a better person for having known him and will miss him dearly.
— Sep 21, 2001 – Brian Gay, Bloomberg
Bill will be missed by all of us here Macgregor that knew and had a chance to work with him. Bill’s always recognizable voice had a spring to it that always made you think that he was happy to be alive and smiling on the other end of the phone. He was a great guy to deal with and we will always remember his voice and friendship that came across so noticeably over the phone.
— Sep 27, 2001 – Ed Foley, Macgregor FIX Network
I only knew Bill for a few months but in that short time I was one of the fortunate ones to have known him. He was always willing to help me out, and I needed that help being new to the Firm. We would share a laugh on Friday afternoons when he would stop by my desk as I blasted songs from Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville! I only wish that I had gotten to know him better, and that is my loss.
— Sep 28, 2001 – Jim White, Bloomberg
Bill always had a smile on his face. It was almost criminal. He made himself available to anyone who needed assistance. He was selfless, thoughtful, and just a really terrific individual to work with. Anyone who worked with him has felt a terrible loss, but were richer for being around him.  Our condolences to his family.
— Sep 28, 2001 – Bloomberg Transaction Product Support Team