Log2Orchestra upgrade to Version 1.3

Log2Orchestra is one of the tools related to the FIX Orchestra Technical Standard. It supports the automatic creation of an Orchestra XML file by using FIX engine logfiles as input. It is intended to be the starting point for someone who wants to benefit from FIX Orchestra and use it to build the meta-data representation for one or more FIX interface(s).

The tool parses the logfile(s) and retrieves not only standard FIX messages, fields and values but also any user-defined elements. For every FIX message type, it creates the superset of all fields found in any of the messages of that type. The input further requires a reference file that allows the tool to look up field names and other attributes for a given tag. The reference file can be any Orchestra XML file, including the official one from FIX representing FIX Latest for an Extension Pack. Your logfiles are not uploaded to FIX but processed on your local machine that has invoked the tool. You can specify the name of the resulting or output Orchestra XML file.

Enhancements provided with Version 1.3

Log2Orchestra no longer uses a default configuration for scenarios if no file is chosen. Previously, the default led to the creation of ExecutionReport(35=8) message scenarios for values of ExecType(150) and OrdStatus(39) found in the log file(s). Scenarios are now only created when a configuration file is uploaded by the user.

 Tag numbers found in the log file(s) are added to the Orchestra XML file even if they are not defined in the reference file. The main use case for this are user-defined fields in conjunction with FIX Latest as reference file. The field name is then generated as “Field” followed by the tag number , e.g. “Field20000”. The datatype of these fields is always set to “String”. Log2Orchestra Version 1.3 now sorts the field definitions by tag number as follows. The order of field references in message or component definitions is not changed.

  • Standard fields (tag numbers 1-4999 and 40000 and above)
  • Non-standard fields (tag numbers 5000-39999)

Bugfixes provided with Version 1.3

Log2Orchestra Version 1.2 did not display a correct error message when making changes to the log files in the background after having loaded them in the UI. Log2Orchestra support direct access to a public folder on GitHub that contains standard Orchestra XML files published by the FIX Trading Community. The file selection dialogue displayed all files and is now limited to files with the extension “.xml” for convenience.