FINRA drops support of CTCI Protocol for TRACE and ORF, FIX Protocol recommended

Any clients, including Service Bureaus, that currently utilize CTCI and wish to continue to deliver electronic transactions should migrate to the FIX Protocol by Monday, 3rd of February 2020.

FINRA announced their termination of CTCI protocol (CTCI/TCP; CTCI/MQ) support for both TRACE and Over-the-Counter Reporting (ORF) transaction reporting in August 2018, for more information please click here.

Supporting Documentation:

  • FINRA Trade Reporting and Compliance Engine (TRACE) documentation can be found here
  • FINRA Over the Counter Trade Reporting Facility documentation can be found here

FIX Extension Pack 209 (MSRB and FINRA TRACE Reporting Extension) was published in May 2016 to address the identification of trades executed on an Alternative Trading System (ATS).  The extension pack added a new valid value 17 = “Exempt from Trade Reporting” to PartyRoleQualifier(2376), a new field RemunerationIndicator(2356) to the side level of the TradeCaptureReport(35=AE) message, and added VenueType(1430) to the ExecutionReport(35=8) message.