FIX Execution Venue Reporting Best Practice Guidelines

Defines the usage expectations for the FIX fields that describe the final destination point of an execution, the capacity of the broker for that execution and the nature of liquidity (added or taken) for that trade. UPDATED – June2020 PODCAST – Brian Lees, Capital Group on Execution Venue Reporting Guidelines  


Execution Venue Reporting – Updated Recommended Practices

Published by: MarketsMedia 30thJune2020 FIX Trading Community Execution Venue Reporting Recommended Practices London, New York, Hong Kong, 29 June 2020: FIX Trading Community, the non-profit, industry-driven standards body at the heart of global financial trading, announced today an updated release of the Execution Venue Reporting Recommended Practice Guidelines. Originally produced by the FIX Trading Community...


Shanghai/Hong Kong Connect: ASIFMA & FIX Trading Community Implementation Guide

Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect, also known as Mutual Market Access or the “through train”, is a pilot programme that signals the continuation of Mainland China’s capital markets’ opening to direct overseas investment.  This document is an accurate initial representation of the majority of the participants’ expected workflows, both upstream and downstream of their order flow.