The FIX Repository represents the raw data behind the FIX® specification in “database-compatible format”. Files include an XML data dictionary with complete enumeration values, XML message content and XSLT scripts illustrating how to generate C# header files from the FIX Repository. Also included are XSLT scripts which generate a FIXimate-like (HTML) data browser for the FIX Repository. Please see some of the FIX Repository benefits below.

Benefits for Vendors

Vendors can build and maintain subsets of the Repository in order to offer a full FIX product. Engine vendors use the FIX Repository to drive their FIX engines.

Benefits for Buy-Sides, Sell-Sides and Exchanges

By downloading the FIX Repository, customers do not necessarily need to pay for upgrades for engines with each FIX version release.

Benefits for the FIX Protocol

The Repository provides:

  • Improved management of the FIX Protocol
  • Improved consistency and accuracy of specification
  • Tools to allow generation of schema, etc. from the data of the Repository

FIX Orchestra

FIX Orchestra is currently under development and is intended to incorporate the FIX Repository. Information on FIX Orchestra can be found here.

FIX Repository 2010 Edition

The 2010 Edition of the Repository is available for download below by registered users of the FIX site. The 2010 Edition of the Repository represents a redesigned repository structure, addressing many issues that were found in the earlier edition.


FIX Repository - Latest EP 2.19 MB 238 downloads

FIX Repository 2010 Edition package for the latest published FIX 5.0 SP2 Extension Pack: EP228

The Global Technical Committee recommends that the Repository for the latest Extension Pack should be referenced.

Create date: July 24, 2017

FIX Repository 2010 2.54 MB 77 downloads

FIX Repository 2010 Edition

Create date: May 7, 2014

Reference Documents


FIX Repository Frequently Asked Questions 49.50 KB 62 downloads

Document of Frequently Asked Questions about the FIX Repository.

Create date: July 24, 2017

FIX Repository License Agreement 35.54 KB 23 downloads

The license agreement for the FIX Repository.

Create date: July 24, 2017