Release of Playlist Version 1.0.1

The FIX Global Technical Committee (GTC) announces the availability of Playlist Version 1.0.1, fixing some errors detected in Version 1.0. If you are a FIX member, you can request access from the FIX Program Office. It can then be invoked either via its own URL or through the FIX website (“Playlist” in the dropdown menu “Tools” or from the Orchestra landing page). You have to be a FIX member and logged into the FIX website with your user account linked to your firm.

Playlist is a tool to visualize an Orchestra XML reference file and reduce it to a subset exported into a new Orchestra XML file. Playlist is not a FIX validation tool, hence it relies on the correctness of the reference file and the FIX knowledge of the user. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure the proper selection of fields required by FIX, for example the tool will not complain if the user only selects stop order types but fails to select the StopPx(99) field. The only exception to this rule is that StandardHeader and StandardTrailer do not have to be selected and will automatically be added to each of the selected messages when creating the new Orchestra XML file. This includes the pre-selection of required fields in the StandardHeader component (BeginString(8), BodyLength(9), MsgType(35),…) for the tag=value encoding.

The following errors were fixed in Version 1.0.1:

  • Standard header and trailer are automatically added to components, fields and code sets but not as component references to messages in XML file.
  • All codes of a code set are deselected when deselecting a single code (only occurs when entire code set was previously selected implicitly by choosing a field in a message, group or component that uses this code set).
  • Preselected fields of standard header and trailer are automatically selected again when deselecting one or more of their fields before selecting the first message.
  • Playlist hangs when using a reference file without messages.
  • Reference file is deemed invalid when creating Orchestra file from preselection, i.e. not making any manual selections.
  • Reference file is deemed invalid when message attribute category is not used.

The following enhancements were made in Version 1.0.1:

  • Display of group name for code set values when applicable.

  • Provide direct link to the Playlist User Guide.