Kate Chatzopoulos

Kate Chatzopoulos, Global Head of Operations Strategy, Symphony

Kate Chatzopoulos is a senior client and product lifecycle enablement leader dedicated to client development within the Capital Markets sector. Kate has spent her career in Front Office and Operations at leading financial institutions, including Goldman Sachs, Barclays, and Blackrock. She is currently the Head of Operations Workflow at Symphony Communications, where she spearheads product innovation for Client and Transaction Lifecycle Management. She is known for her seamless ability to deliver on business and operational needs and is also member of SIFMA AMG Operations Executive Committee.
Kate is also a certified coach and mentor committed to supporting professionals in their career growth to see their value, find their voices, and realize a greater vision for their potential. Her vision for her own and others’ personal and career development is focused on being present, self-aware, and having gratitude, which drives her on a daily basis.
Kate’s dedication to nonprofit causes around youth began when she and friends founded the George C Fund, which was created in honor of her late brother. As a way to honor his legacy, the George C Fund focused on enabling young adults’ growth through action sports, via supporting Stoked.Org and other youth organizations.
When she’s not traveling or exploring New York City, she spends her time with her family, learning about alchemy, and planning a bright future for all humans.