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FIX Trading Community is built around clear standards

FIX Protocol is part of the fabric of capital markets.  Formed in 1991 at the dawn of electronic trading, FIX connects the global ecosystem of venues, asset managers, banks/brokers, vendors and regulators by standardizing the communication amoung participants.  This is accomplished by following 4 key principles:

  • Creating and maintaining robust open standards across the whole ecosystem from pre-trade to market data to settlement.
  • Providing advice and counsel to regulatory bodies in a transparent and unbiased way.
  • Seeking ways to improve the trading process front to back for the global financial services industry.
  • Providing our members with a neutral, collaborative environment to come together through member-driven conferences and other critical forums to promote, support and educate.

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Whatever consolidated tape you want, data standards are essential

The Regulators have wanted an industry led Consolidated Tape, but it hasn’t happened. Neena Dholani, Global Marketing Programme Director, FIX Trading Community explains why. Some of the reasons why Consolidated Tape providers have not emerged include the lack of financial incentive for running a consolidated tape, the overly complex and strict regulatory environment, competition among non-regulated entities such as data...

TP Icap Debuts Next-Gen Feed to Support Data Expansion

The new feed will provide the framework to support new data types that the broker plans to make available later this year. London-based inter-dealer broker TP Icap has unveiled a new FIX protocol-based datafeed, dubbed Surfix, which will serve as the broker’s flagship delivery mechanism for all of its existing real-time data products, as well as new data types that TP...

FIX EMEA Trading Conference rescheduled for September

The new date for the FIX EMEA Trading Conference is 18 September, after it was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. By Hayley McDowell The FIX Trading Community has said it’s EMEA conference will go ahead in September, after organisers were forced to postpone the event due to the coronavirus pandemic. Originally due to take place on 12 March, the...

Trading Venues Aim to Unlock Value of Green Bonds

In 2007, a historic document landed on the desks of leaders around the globe. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, assembled by the United Nations Environment Programme and the World Meteorological Organization, had published a report providing scientific data showing that it was “very likely” that human action was directly linked to climate change. The impact of industrialization on the...