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Data Initiatives to Fuel Finance’s New Era of Experimentation

By Neena Dholani,Global Marketing Programme Director, FIX Trading Community “Age is no guarantee of efficiency—and youth is no guarantee of innovation.” So goes the conversation in Skyfall, the recent James Bond film, that finds Bond contemplating whether he’s still up to his job while meeting his new, much younger and more technologically-inclined quartermaster. It is a pivotal point, after which the...

FIX Plans Broader Asset Class Coverage and Move into Back-Office Trade Settlement

FIX is extending its reach with plans to broaden asset class coverage and introduce the FIX messaging protocol into back-office settlement workflows between both asset managers and custodians, and brokers and custodians. These developments are being overseen by the Global Post-Trade Working Group within the FIX Trading Community and are designed to standardise workflows and allow firms already invested in...

Cloud Goes Higher and Higher

“The year 2016 is to the cloud as 1996 was to the internet,” according to a speaker at the New York regional event of the FIX Trading Community, held at Thomson Reuters headquarters in Times Square on October 3. The comment underlines the strongly held opinion, expressed by all key speakers at the meeting, that cloud usage for data storage...

Internationalizing China’s Trading Standards

By Jim Northey, Co-Chair Global Technical Committee and Co-Chair High Performance Working Group, FIX Trading Community, and Mao Ting, Senior Manager, China Foreign Exchange Trade System CFETS is keen to work closely with the FIX organization and ISO TC68 to improve standardization in China’s domestic market and share its experiences with the world. The China Foreign Exchange Trade System (CFETS),...