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EP273 - EP276 Released

FIX GTC has released four new Extension Packs, including digital asset trading

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A browser-based application that allows to interactively select a subset of an Orchestra XML file

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FIX Trading Community publishes draft standards for settlement status messages

There is increasing industry discussion on trade settlement across the trading and operations functions throughout regions, especially as the industry looks at the implications of certain markets moving to a T+1 settlement model. In this context, a growing number of buyside firms wish to know about the settlement status of their trades in a timely and standardized way. The FIX...

FLASH FRIDAY: T+1 to Cause Complications for Global Traders

Laurence Jones, Americas regional director at FIX Trading Community, speaks with Anna Lyudvig at Traders Magazine about the move to T+1 settlement for transactions in US cash equities, corporate debt and unit investment trusts, and how the FIX Trading Community is helping its members prepare for the new settlement cycle. //

Optimism Grows for European Consolidated Tape

Investors have been calling for a consolidated tape in Europe, which gives them aggregated data on trading volumes and prices throughout the region in one place, for more than a decade without success. However, there is now optimism that a useful consolidated tape will be developed in the coming years as regulators have been pushing for increased transparency and legislators...

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