This Extension Pack enhances the entitlement capabilities in the message exchange between dealers and their clients. The Extension Pack includes new enumerations of the EntitlementStatus(1883) to provide an option to "defer" a decision on an entitlement request; the addition of a new field EntitlementSubType(2402) to be used in conjunction with EntitlementType(1775) to provide the ability to further limit the scope of entitlements; and the addition of AttachmentGrp component to the Email(35=C) message to allow dealers to exchange disclaimers with their clients.

Update History

[Updated 2015-08-17] Revised the FIXML Schema and FIX Repository to reflect changes in EP161, EP169 and EP170.

[Updated 2014-12-13] Updated FIXML Schema and FIX Repository due to correction of FIXML issue in EP182.

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