Membership Pricing Structure

It is through FIX Trading Community™ membership that firms worldwide are aligned with one of the financial service industry’s most influential standards bodies. It is their shared vision to drive change and help shape the future of trading that brings together this extensive number of firms from across the industry.

To accommodate the varying needs of its members, FIX Trading Community offers two different types of membership:

  • Premier Global Membership is $28,096 (USD)
  • Regular Membership is $8,994 (USD)
Member BenefitsPremier Global MemberRegular Member
The ability to select up to 2 subsidiaries to benefit from full FIX Trading Community Regular membership
The company’s logo featured alongside other Premier Global members on the FIX Trading Community home page
Raise the company profile throughout the FIX Trading Community website by being highlighted as a Premier Global Member and through primary placement within the list of member firms
Focused branding on FIX Trading Community marketing materials
Logo exposure at all FIX Trading Community’s events globally, each attracting 200-950 attendees
Their firm’s logo being strategically featured at all FIX Trading Community’s Regional Meetings, each attracting 60-150 attendees.
Firm’s logo being displayed on the FIX Trading organisation’s newsletters distributed to members and contacts globally
The firm’s logo featured in each edition of Global Trading magazine, distributed to 12,000+ global readers quarterly
Exclusive notification of sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities at FIX Trading Community events in advance of regular members and the wider community
Participate in initiatives that are driving the future of trading, and benefit from multiple educational and networking opportunities by joining the organisation’s many committees and working groups
FIX Orchestra Editor
Access FIX implementation tools which includes the latest version of the FIX Repository providing the FIX specification in a computer-readable XML format
The ability to display the membership logo on marketing materials demonstrating to existing and future clients your firm’s support for the organisation and industry
An allocation of free passes to all FIX Trading Community events globally
Access to sponsorship packages in advance of the wider community and additionally benefit from substantial savings on sponsorship

FIX Trading Community may grant member privileges to entities such as other industry standards organisations, trade associations or regulatory bodies with which FIX Trading Community’s Global Steering Committee has established a collaboration. These relationships will be reviewed and renewed on an annual basis.

For further information please contact the membership office or call at +44(0)20 3950 3923


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