FIX Standards Achieve ISO Standardization

London, New York, Hong Kong, June 15, 2022: The FIX Trading Community, the non-profit, industry-driven standards body at the heart of global financial trading, today announces  that two components of the FIX messaging suite are now ISO standards:

The FIX TagValue Encoding and Session Layer standards have served as the basis for electronic trading for 25 years. These standards have been adopted by tens of thousands of market participants and in over one hundred countries around the globe. Having these as standards brings benefits from the certainty of the ISO standardization process and the value of ISO branding.

Richard Evans, FIX Global Steering Committee co-chair, added: “FIX is integral to the well-functioning of capital markets, and as global regulators move towards requiring ISO standardization, we want to ensure that we continue to provide operational efficiencies for FIX adopters. The FIX Trading Community is committed to ISO participation and provides resources for ISO TC68 SC8 and SC9.”