‘A’ Directors

Emma Quinn

SVP, Global Co-head of Equity Trading
Term: May 2020 – May 2023

Scott Atwell

Manager of FIX Trading and Connectivity
American Century Investments
Term: March 2019 – March 2021

Lou Rosato

Director, Global Investment Operations
Term: May 2020 - May 2023

Kevin Houstoun

Executive Chairman
Rapid Addition Ltd.
Term: May 2020 - May 2023

Jim Northey

Fintech Consultancy
Term: November 2020 - November 2023

‘B’ Directors – FPL Global Steering Committee Co-Chairs

Lee Saba

Head of Market Structure
Rialto Markets
Term: Dec 2019 – Dec 2021

Richard Evans

General Manager for Banking and Capital Markets
DXC Technology
Term: April 2019 - April 2021