Brexit Working Group – Call for Participation

We are pleased to announce the development of a new FIX Brexit Working Group to assist FIX members and other industry participants to prepare for the challenges posed by the United Kingdom leaving the European Union.  The details on the scope of the group follow below.

If you are interested in joining this working group, please contact the Program Office at and we will make sure that you are added and receive the initial calendaring invite when circulated.  The first call of the group will take place on Wednesday, February 13th at 2PM UK time.

Goals – Identify and review requests/requirements for potential changes to technical or business practices that may occur because of the changes in regulation or practices due to certain Brexit outcomes.

Initial Scope – Although it is expected that Brexit will impact FIX members in the EU, the UK and in third countries, the exact extent of those impacts will only become clear as the withdrawal arrangements become clear.  Initially, the Withdrawal Agreement (currently being debated by UK’s parliament) will provide a high-level scope of the impact of Brexit on FIX Members, the detail will only become clear as negotiations take place during the transitional period.  This WG should become a “go to” technical forum for other industry groups (e.g. AFME, IA, ISDA, etc.) where there are technical changes in the processes affecting the FIX community.

Skills – The group seeks individuals having skills in at least some of the following areas – further co-chairs representing industry sectors as required and appropriate, individuals working directly with Brexit preparations, individuals with an understanding of the data or operational implications of Brexit.

If you are interested in joining this group, please contact the FIX Program Office: