ETFs: Market Making and Trading Technology

Published by: Global Trading | 24th March 2021 ETFs: Market Making and Trading Technology With Linda Middleditch, Chief of Product Strategy and Engineering, Itiviti Why are exchange-traded funds (ETFs) growing in popularity? ETFs globally have gone through an incredible growth phase over the past decade. The market has increased more than 700%, from below $1...


Best Practices for Bonds

Focuses on best practices for the cash bond markets, covering the vast majority of electronically traded bonds, including G8 Government bonds, High Yield, Corporates, Supras/Agencies.


Best Practices for Swaps (Phase 3)

Support for the following workflows has been included as part of Phase 3 of the swaps best practices: recommendations to support the new regulations for SEFs; mid-market mark, US vs. non-US person, block trades, required vs. permitted transactions, etc., guidance on how to send tiered prices i.e. different prices for the same instrument to multiple...