This proposal entails the use JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) to produce human readable and web technology-friendly encodings of FIX messages.

JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is the lingua franca for communications between web browsers and the services that power them. JSON Encoding of FIX supports the development of web applications that require FIX semantics. It is not optimized for low latency, but rather for human readability and interoperability between web services and web languages.

Discussion on JSON encoding of FIX may be found on the FPL Discussion Forum in the General Q&A category using the tag “json”.

The proposed technical standard for Encoding FIX using JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is following the technical standards review process described in the document found here.

Release Candidate 1


Encoding FIX using JSON Release Canadiate 1 - Technical Proposal 749.30 KB 424 downloads July 23, 2017

Technical Proposal submission for Release Candidate 1 of Encoding FIX using JSON. ...

User Guide for Encoding FIX using JSON - Release Candidate 1 946.38 KB 460 downloads July 23, 2017

User Guide for Release Candidate 1 of Encoding FIX using JSON. ...