FIX Adapted for STreaming(SM)

The FAST Protocol (SM) is developed, maintained and supported by the FIX Trading Community’s  Market Data Optimization Working Group. The protocol is intended to enable efficient use of band width in high volume messaging without incurring material processing overhead or latency. The protocol was developed as a result of the Market Data Optimization Working Group’s  Proof of Concept  (POC) project to explore various methods of optimized data representation within the FIX Protocol.

FAST Protocol Specification

FIX Trading Community’s Intellectual Property in Standards Agreement – The Chicago Mercantile Exchange’s agreement with FIX Trading Community which provides assurances to FIX Protocol users regarding the use of CME patented technology which affects the FAST Protocol.


FAST Extension Version 1.2 119.62 KB 3252 downloads

New specification for the extension of FAST version 1.2. ...

FAST Specification Version 1.1 472.97 KB 4188 downloads

This document defines the structure and semantics of FAST, which is a binary encoding...

FAST Specification Version 1.1 Simple Chinese Translation 624.16 KB 1068 downloads

This document is a non-normative Simple Chinese translation of the FAST Specification...

    FAST Session Control Protocol


    FAST Session Control Protocol (SCP) 1.1 286.50 KB 1302 downloads

    New specification for FAST Session Control Protocol (SCP), version 1.1 ...

      FAST Reference Code

      Reference source code for the FAST Protocol (CODEC and SERDES). This source is provided on an open source basis via the W3C Software License. C and C# versions are available.


      FASTapi C Reference Source Code v1.0 216.62 KB 1502 downloads

      fastapi v1.0 is a C library implementation of the FAST Protocol (SM). It provides...

      FASTapi C# Reference Source Code v1.0 23.98 KB 1242 downloads

      fastapi C# v1.0 is a C# library implementation of the FAST Protocol (SM). It provides...

        FAST User Guides


        Basic FAST User's Guide 216.19 KB 2531 downloads

        The purpose of this document is to describe the proper use of the FAST Protocol in...

        FAST Protocol Technical Overview 203.24 KB 1992 downloads

        The FAST Protocol Technical Overview explains in detail how FAST successfully presents...

        FIX Over FAST Implementation Guide 412.22 KB 8659 downloads

        Based on features introduced in FAST version 1.2 which was released in February 2009,...

        FASTapi User's Manual for C 216.62 KB 1438 downloads

        User's Manual for C reference code. fastapi is a C library implementation of the...

        FASTapi User's Manual for C# 108.50 KB 1086 downloads

        User's Manual for C# reference code. fastapi C# is a C# library implementation of...