Association of Financial Markets Intermediaries (AMF Italy)

AMF Italia – Italian Association of Financial Markets Intermediaries – represents the interests of Italian financial markets operators vis-à-vis Italian and EU institutions, other associations and any other public or private economic and social organisation. It is one of the pillars of the Italian financial market and a partner for all intermediaries providing investment services in Italy from all parts of the European Union, which it supports through advocacy activities, the processing of financial data and the publication of studies and research. In addition to interacting with national and European institutions within their respective regulatory processes, AMF Italia supports its members by providing regulatory and organisational advice, drafting guidelines and contractual standards and helping to develop best practices, all within the framework of a continuous dialogue with the competent authorities and the members themselves. In order to promote a correct and uniform application of the reference regulatory framework, the association also organises conferences and training activities aimed, among other things, at fostering dialogue between its members, as well as between its members and Italian and EU institutions.
AMF Italia has around 60 members (banks, investment firms, Italian branches of foreign intermediaries and management companies of multilateral trading facilities) active in the primary, secondary and derivatives markets, representing more than 80% of the total volume traded on Italian regulated markets. AMF Italia also includes leading Italian and international law firms, consulting and IT solution development companies and other entities providing services to financial intermediaries.