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FIXEdge is a C++ based application server providing FIX connectivity for standalone client applications and with performance profile suitable for the needs of all clients up to and including large sell-side institutions and large volume traders. Client applications communicate with FIXEdge through one of multiple transport protocols (e.g. Simple Sockets, JMS, IBM MQ) employing transport adaptors. It is designed to be as easy as possible to install, configure, administrate and monitor trading information flows. The FIXEdge product has been endorsed by many companies.

B2BITS has a proven experience in providing consulting services for top-tier financial services companies related to front-, middle- and back-office solutions including the ones for high-performance trading. As a result we have developed in-depth understanding of Capital Markets globally, have experience in all asset classes and all aspects of pre-trade, trade and post trade workflows.

B2BITS has been providing FIX on-boarding services to Capital Markets industry players for over a decade and today our world-class experts continue to deliver comprehensive and mature set of services backed with high-end automation tools and connectivity solutions to trading firms, brokerages, clearing houses, and exchanges. Scope of FIX on-boarding services cater for the need to accept clients for trading on order management and execution management platforms.

FIX Antenna™ .NET provides native support of Microsoft .NET technologies including such benefits as: ability to manipulate messages with the use of class hierarchies, properties and namespaces, XML based documentation for all messages, and ability to generate structured messages. The engine uses FIX Antenna C++ as a core, which makes the code more reliable (the core has been proven on multiple platforms) and fast. As a result, FIX Antenna .NET provides reliability and speed of C++ and friendliness of public API from .NET. It also has broad feature set addressing variety of requirements to a FIX engine including rich UI to ease configuration management and providing real time monitoring and is pre-configured for and certified with multiple exchanges.

High-performance FIX Engine with its broad feature set addressing variety of requirements to a FIX engine including rich UI to ease configuration management and providing real time monitoring is an ideal solution for exchanges, sell sides and program trading operations. The engine is currently deployed in some of the most demanding environments in the world.

HFT Antenna is a low latency C++ FIX engine leveraging advantages of Linux features and best message routing practices to be optimized for stable deterministic latency for routing from multiple sessions to multiple sessions.

FIX Antenna™ Java key benefits include the following ones: runs everywhere, has small footprint, natively integrates with standard Java monitoring toolsets, can be used in enterprise environment and web-based solutions. The engine is equipped with rich UI to ease configuration management and providing real-time monitoring of session statuses and parameters. This allows maintaining consistent interface for all internal applications while dealing with many counterparties, cross asset class where different versions of the protocol are in use.

B2BITS’ FIX Drop Copy Solution (FIXDCap) allows retrieving drop copy of trades from FIX-compliant Drop copy sources. It is available in form of DLL or in form of application server pre-configured to work with various FIX/FIXML sources of drop copy information. Both DLL based and standalone solutions inherit and leverage all features of FIX Antenna and FIXEdge accordingly, including easy configuration, administration and monitoring. The process of capturing drop copies by server based FIXDCap is fully automated, while DLL FIXDCap can be easily integrated with client’s trading platform. In both cases all the specifics of the connectivity are completely encapsulated and hidden. In addition, the FIXDCap package includes recovery tools, which allow requesting missing data in case of failures.

FIXEdge Java (FEJ) is an application server providing FIX connectivity. Its unique internal architecture allows supporting balance between flexibility and high performance requirements. FEJ’s FIX sessions management mechanism is built on top of FIX Antenna Java and inherits most part of its functionality, including zero GC and strong optimization for low latency FIX messages processing.

B2BITS’ FIX Trade Capture Solution (FIXTCap) is a server application pre-configured to work with various FIX/FIXML/proprietary sources of post-trade information. FIXTCap design is based on B2BITS’ generic server FIXEdge extended with the Trade Capture adaptors. It inherits and leverages all FIXEdge features including easy configuration, administration and monitoring. The process of capturing trades and/or security definitions is fully automated, while all the specifics of the connectivity are completely encapsulated and hidden from the client.

FIXEye and FIXGrep are powerful next generation FIX log analyzers. These utilities are the result of many years of experience in FIX support. These log browsers go beyond traditional parsers and are equipped with full knowledge of FIX objects and their state management.

FIXopaedia is the fastest, most comprehensive and feature rich FIX reference source available.