The Global Technical Committee has reviewed and preliminarily approved the Gap Analysis. It extends the values of BeginString(8) for FIX Latest to include the session profile identifiers for the FIX Session Layers of FIX 4.2 and FIX 4.4. Currently, FIX Latest requires BeginString(8)=”FIXT.1.1”, i.e. to reference FIX Transport, the FIX Session Layer introduced with FIX 5.0. With this extension, you no longer need to change your session layer, i.e. you can continue to use BeginString(8)=”FIX.4.2” or BeginString(8)=”FIX.4.4” together with the latest extensions made to the FIX Protocol.

The document now enters a public comment period in which public review and feedback is encouraged. Once the public comment period closes, the GTC will review public comments before final approval by the GTC Governance Board.

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