This Extension Pack enhances the support of regulatory information on all order and quote related messages and the requirement to maintain instruments and free format text for compliance information in support of the German HFT Act.

On 28 February 2013 the German Parliament adopted the High Frequency Trading Act (Hochfrequenzhandelsgesetz, HFT Act). The HFT Act introduces a license requirement for high frequency traders, imposes conduct of business rules and organizational requirements for algorithmic trading and specifies the definition of market abuse.

The objectives of the Act are to increase the stability and integrity of the German financial markets, to prevent market manipulation by high frequency traders and to protect long-term investors and minimize market risks.

Further information about the German High Frequency Trading Act can be found at:

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[Updated 2015-08-17] Revised the FIXML Schema and FIX Repository to reflect changes in EP161, EP169 and EP170.

[Updated 2014-12-13] Updated FIXML Schema and FIX Repository due to correction of FIXML issue in EP182.

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