This Extension Pack enhances the PartyAction(35=DI) messages recently introduced in EP171 to support Prime Broker administrators’ functionality. This allows the prime brokers to programmatically manage trading activity performed by their clients.

The two main business drivers behind this Extension Pack include:

  • Allow Prime Broker parents to Halt, Suspend and Reinstate FX trading on a per asset class basis across any of their Prime Broker Clients (PBCs).
  • Enhance regulatory reporting capabilities by allowing users to specify whether or not their orders are being entered by a manual trader or programmatically via an automated execution algorithm.

Update History

[Updated 2015-08-17] Revised the FIXML Schema and FIX Repository to reflect changes in EP161, EP169 and EP170.

[Updated 2014-12-13] Changed the field name and abbreviation of BusinessDate(2400) [BizDt] to EffectiveBusinessDate(2400) [EfctvBizDt] to correct FIXML field name collision issue.

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