This Extension Pack defines enhancements and message flows for credit limit checks that occur post-trade. The Extension Pack supports CFTC Regulation 1.74 which requires FCMs to coordinate with each derivatives clearing organization (DCO) to allow the FCM or the DCO to accept or reject each trade submitted to the DCO as quickly as would be technologically practicable if automated systems were used. This Extension Pack enables the distinction between trades that have satisfied a limit or rule and trades that require a positive or negative response from the clearing firm. Additionally, following approval or rejection, this extension enables the clearing house to report the cause for the approval or rejection.

Update History

[Updated 2015-08-17] Revised the FIXML Schema and FIX Repository to reflect changes in EP161, EP169 and EP170.

[Updated 2014-05-13] The final Extension Pack proposal file, FIXML Schema and FIX Repository files have been updated and posted.

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