Further extension to EP105, EP128, and EP129 to support transactional flow for party detail, risk limits and entitlements.

The extension covers the following:

  • Messages to support transactions (Add, Delete, Modify) that define Party Details, e.g. lists of parties, their status, and their relationships with each other.
  • Message to support disseminating incremental updates to Entitlements (e.g. what a party, or relationship between parties, is permitted or prohibited from doing.)
  • Messages to support transactions (Add, Delete, Modify) that define Entitlements.

The following messages are hereby added to FIX with EP146:

  • PartyDetailsDefinitionRequest
  • PartyDetailsDefinitionRequestAck
  • PartyEntitlementsUpdateReport
  • PartyEntitlementsDefinitionRequest
  • PartyEntitlementsDefinitionRequestAck

The following messages for parties reference data have already been added to FIX with EP105, EP128, and EP129:

  • PartyDetailsListRequest
  • PartyDetailsListReport
  • PartyDetailsListUpdateReport
  • PartyRiskLimitsRequest
  • PartyRiskLimitsReport
  • PartyRiskLimitsUpdateReport
  • PartyRiskLimitsDefinitionRequest
  • PartyRiskLimitsDefinitionRequestAck
  • PartyEntitlementsRequest
  • PartyEntitlementsReport

Update History

[Updated 2013-12-09] The FIXML Schema and FIX Repository files have been updated for the following changes: an update to the base FIX 5.0 SP2 (See 20131209 Errata Release Notes); an update to EP105 to correct an issue with incorrect coding of UndInstrmtGrp and InstrmtLegGrp components in the Repository; an error in EP106 was also corrected to resolve FIXML Schema validation issues with components assigned to incorrect component categories.

[Updated 2012-12-03] FIXML Schema and FIX Repository updated to resolve schema validation errors reported.

[Updated 2012-06-25] Update of repository and FIXML Schema due to correction of EP131.

[Updated 2012-06-18] Added ASBUILT document, FIXML Schema and FIX Repository.

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