A set of new messages for requesting and returning party details, relationships, and risk limits. Entitlement information (EP129) as well as the ability to define and maintain party details, entitlements and risk limits are covered by separate extension proposals that have either already been approved or submitted to the GTC.

Update History

[Resolved 2015-08-17] The field NoPartyDetailSubIDs(1694) was corrected to "NotRequired" in the PartyDetailSubGrp component. Resolved in EP195.

[Updated 2013-12-09] Updated FIXML Schema and FIX Repository files due to update to the FIX 5.0 SP2 base. See SP2 20131209 Errata Release Notes for details. An error was also corrected in EP105 to resolve an issue with incorrect coding of UndInstrmtGrp and InstrmtLegGrp components in the Repository - this change affects the generated FIXML Schema.

[Updated 2011-12-06] Final repository and FIXML Schema released. ASBUILT document updated.

[Updated 2011-10-04] Preliminary repository and FIXML Schema released pending final EP validation.

[Updated 2011-09-18] Changes to the ASBUILT document to correct errors and highlight extensions.

[Updated 2011-06-22] Changes to the EP content to correct errors and support inlined component references.

[Updated 2011-06-22] Repository updates besides EP content changes.

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