Podcast: MiFID II – One Year On

20 December 2018:

In conversation with Julia Streets, Rebecca Healey, Co-Chair of the EMEA Regional Committee at FIX Trading Community and Head of EMEA Market Structure & Strategy at Liquidnet; and Matthew Coupe, Co-Chair EMEA Regional Committee & EMEA Regulatory Subcommittee, FIX Trading Community, and Director, Barclays Investment Bank, offer their reflections on MiFID II almost a year since its introduction on Jan. 3, 2018. They consider the key implications of implementation and set some expectations for where the industry should focus next. They discuss intended and unintended consequences of MiFID II and how the FIX Trading Community has been working with membership experts to address many of the key industry challenges. This FIX Trading Community podcast was recorded on Dec. 5, 2018.  (Click here to view all podcasts/videos on the FIX Trading Community YouTube page.)

Listen to the Podcast on https://youtu.be/5IbZ8wjZDCs