Supported by more than 275 of the world’s top financial service companies, FIX Trading Community™ is the non-profit, industry-driven standards body that sits at the very heart of global trading.  It is independent and neutral, factors that have proven pivotal to its success.

Led by market participants who work in the trading environment, FIX Trading Community is able to accurately comprehend current market challenges and opportunities, and develop initiatives ultimately focused on enabling the industry to optimise operational efficiencies, increase transparency, lower costs and reduce risks for all market participants.

Membership Benefits

Membership of FIX Trading Community benefits firms in many ways, offering significant return-on-investment.  Learn more about how joining could help your firm.

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Member Firms

Membership attracts firms from every corner of the trading community.  Visit the above link to see which firms are benefiting from being part of this innovative community today.

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Options & Pricing

FIX Trading Community is keen to gain broad industry participation and offers a range of membership options to meet the business and budgetary needs of different industry sectors.

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Member Resources

This area offers member firms access to helpful resources.

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