Log2Orchestra upgrade to Version 1.1

The FIX Global Technical Committee (GTC) announces the availability of a new version of the Log2Orchestra utility. Log2Orchestra is the first in a series of tools related to the FIX Orchestra Technical Standard. It supports the automatic creation of an Orchestra XML file by using FIX engine logfiles as input. It is intended to be the starting point for someone who wants to benefit from FIX Orchestra and use it to build the meta-data representation for one or more FIX interface(s).

The tool parses the logfile(s) and retrieves not only standard FIX messages, fields and values but also any user-defined elements. For every FIX message type, it creates the superset of all fields found in any of the messages of that type. The input further requires a reference file that allows the tool to look up field names and other attributes for a given tag. The reference file can be any Orchestra XML file, including the official one from FIX representing FIX Latest for an Extension Pack. Your logfiles are not uploaded to FIX but processed on your local machine that has invoked the tool. You can define the name of the resulting Orchestra XML file.

Enhancements provided with Version 1.1

Log2Orchestra now provides direct access to official FIX Orchestra reference files in the public GitHub project FIX Orchestrations. You may still use local reference files (click on “Choose File”) but do not have to download any of the official files for FIX 4.2, FIX 4.4 or FIX Latest from the FIX website. Simply click on “FIX Standard” to get a list of XML files available in the FIX Standard folder in GitHub:

Log2Orchestra counts the number distinct elements included in the logfile(s). Version 1.0 had been showing a number for component scenarios although only message scenarios are currently supported by the configuration file. This number has been replaced with the number of code sets, i.e. sets of enumerated values used for one or more fields.

Bugfixes provided with Version 1.1

Log2Orchestra had problems with larger logfiles that were not processed correctly, leading to incorrect counts of elements. User-defined fields were created even if they were not present in the logfile(s). These issues have been resolved.

Log2Orchestra creates a meta-data element with a number of attributes conforming to the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative. Version 1.0 copied the attribute values from the reference file. This has been corrected to the perspective of the user of Log2Orchestra.

Additionally, a few minor corrections to the handling of the user interface have been made.

Log2Orchestra Contributors

The FIX Global Technical Committee (GTC) also invites FIX members to become contributors to the tools created for the membership. There is already a FIX Orchestra Working Group that maintains the FIX Orchestra Technical Standard and drives the business requirements for the related tools. The software for Log2Orchestra is not open-source and maintained in a private GitHub repository. If you are a FIX member, part of the FIX Orchestra Working Group and would like to contribute to the further development and testing of the software, you can be given access to the GitHub repository and testing website. You then also have access to the Jira project used internally to track software errors and enhancements for Log2Orchestra.

Please send an email to fix@fixtrading.org if you would like to access the Log2Orchestra tool, participate in the FIX Orchestra Working Group and/or offer your help as a tool contributor.