ISO Technical Management Board (ISO TMB) approves Jim Northey, FIX Global Technical Committee Co-chair representing the Americas, as the next TC 68 Chair- Linked In post

We learned last week that the ISO Technical Management Board (ISO TMB) that has approved Jim Northey, the FIX Global Technical Committee Co-chair representing the Americas, as the next ISO TC68 Chair.  Jim previously served seven years as FIX Americas Regional Committee Co-chair and was the initial Chair of the Global Derivatives Committee. Jim will serve as ISO TC68 Chair Elect in 2018 and will assume the Chair role from Karla McKenna (CitiBank) in 2019 for a three year term. ISO TC68 is the ISO Technical Committee for all financial services standards for core banking, payments, and securities processing. ISO TC68 is responsible for 58 standards including: ISO 15022, ISO 20022, ISO 8583, ISO 6166 (ISIN), ISO 10962 (CFI), ISO 4127 (Currency Codes), ISO 9362(BIC), ISO 17442 (LEI), ISO 18774 (FISN).  

Jim has served in a number of previous roles within ISO representing both the FIX Trading Community and the United States. He was the convener of the revision to the ISO 6166:2013 ISIN standard. He currently serves at the convener of ISO TC68/SC 9/WG 1 Semantics for ISO 20022 working group.  The FIX organization looks forward to supporting Jim in this new role and wishes to thank Karla McKenna for what will be a nine year tenure as Chair of TC68 during a tumultuous time in financial services following the credit crisis in 2008. Karla oversaw the successful development of the Legal Entity Identifier and the reorganization of TC68, which included the formation of the Fintech advisory group.

Jim is currently Senior Vice President, Strategy and Research at Itiviti AB