FIX Standards now part of the OFR Financial Instrument Reference Database

The Office of Financial Research (OFR) has added relevant parts of the FIX Protocol to its Financial Instrument Reference Database (FIRD).

The FIRD, a Dodd-Frank Act requirement, helps to identify where reference data is standardized and where there are inconsistencies. The FIRD now uses data standards – ISO 20022, ACTUS Financial Research Foundation’s data dictionary and FIX – to provide metadata definitions for equities, debt, options, warrants, and futures. This allows users to compare definitions used in the financial sector and identify where there are inconsistencies.

Hanno Klein (FIX Trading Community Technical Director and Technical Committee co-chair) commented “This is an excellent example of how FIX Standards are becoming integrated into regulatory solutions. Providing this in Orchestra format, FIX’s machine-readable meta-data standard, also demonstrates how Orchestra can be used not just to model messaging protocols, but also the data used by them.”

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