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FIX MiFID Subgroups

These subgroups were created by the EMEA Regulatory Subcommittee to address issues specific to MiFID regulation requirements.


Best Execution

Documentation of best practices for best execution reporting, leveraging related work from the FIX TCA Working Group.

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Trade & Transaction Reporting

Address the post trade reporting process across the transaction life cycle and try to create and adopt common standards, for post trade reporting and transaction reporting.

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FICC Advisory

Review content and standards that are being created in the organisation and for the group to review from a FICC perspective.

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Clock Sync

Implications and implementation considerations, leveraging related work from the FIX Interparty Latency Working Group.

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Addresses requirements for algo testing, pre-trade controls, monitoring, tick sizes, OTR and market making regimes, leveraging work from the Risk Management WG.

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Order Data and Record Keeping

Analysis of the data requirements for order record keeping, working on best practices, adoption of standards and implementation implications.

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Commission Unbundling

Provide guidelines as to how the use of FIX and standards can provide a solution with particular attention to the funding of an RPA via trading.

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Pre- and post-trade transparency requirements including scenario modeling and data considerations for consolidated tape, leveraging work from the Trade Data Standardisation WG.

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Reference Data

Ensuring the community fully understands the requirements and implications for reference data and is engaged in relevant industry discussions on common standards

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