Coming to a city near you soon – Linked In post

The FIX Trading Community is well known for its work in the world’s major financial centres and has been steadily working away in these regions with the aim to harmonise the financial industries globally. Events play a key role in our efforts to bring communities together, and this year has been busier than ever with events throughout the US, Europe, Asia and South America. In an increasingly global world, we feel these events are an important way to explore what other regions are doing and how best to implement standards that help the local community in a collaborative way.

On the 23 August, FIX will be hosting its annual Latin America regional meeting in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Latin American banks and companies are not necessarily restricted to legacy systems compared to other more established markets, and there is a real appetite for deploying the latest technology in order to take advantage of new business opportunities. However, there are still challenges within this region that must be addressed, including standardisation of messaging, processes and standards, especially among the various countries within Latin America. The FIX Trading Community event brings local experts and market participants together to address how best to create a cohesive industry that can compete on the world stage. The event will follow a similar format to all FIX events, by bringing together industry experts and FIX Trading Community members to debate topical issues of importance to the local electronic trading industry, featuring a panel discussion followed by a networking drinks reception.

A couple of weeks later, FIX will host its 9th annual FIX India Trading Briefing in Mumbai on the 7 September. There is no doubt that India is experiencing a surge in economic growth, making it an attractive market for investors as well as fintech startups. The result has been a banking industry that is innovative, utilising the latest technology such as artificial intelligence. There have also been innovations in the banking industry to try and bring onboard the large number of unbanked people living in India.The conference aims to address these pressing issues currently facing the institutional trading community in India and provide a neutral platform for the stakeholders to meet and discuss industry best practice, including details on trading community implementations. This electronic trading conference is designed for both traders and technologists trading equities and derivatives in India and offshore markets. The India FIX Conference agenda is put together by senior trading professionals and technologists who are active in Asia Pacific, ensuring that the event will offer relevant, actionable content, as well as meaningful interaction and networking with market participants, policy makers, regulators and solution providers. We will continue to provide a forum for industry participants to influence the continued evolution of electronic trading in India and also provide a platform for learning about the latest trends and tools in the industry.

FIX Trading Community events enable participants to share information and hear the latest news and analysis about regulatory developments around the world. Increasingly, as firms need to comply with regulations, or be aware of issues relating to regulatory equivalence – such as with the global impact of MiFID II – there are also useful discussions through FIX Trading Community panels on best execution, trade reporting, and more… as will be the case at the Americas Trading Briefing in Boston on 2nd November.

It’s important to look at issues affecting your local market, but we must not forget to look at the global financial industry, which is why we feel FIX events are so important. We always encourage people to take part in our events to learn, debate and network with fellow market participants. In addition to the two events mentioned above, we will also be holding events in Europe, Australia, Singapore and the US in the coming months.

Please visit our events page to learn about local events in your area, and do come along!