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Welcome to the New FIX Trading Website

Welcome to the new FIX Trading Community website. With the help of members, we have looked to develop a site that uses widely used software allowing us to be self-sufficient and efficient in the future. The website acts as our face to, not only the FIX Trading Community, but the wider industry and we have listened to feedback and implemented a website that we believe users will find performs well and is intuitive and easy to use. Some of the main features include:

  • Intuitive and easy to navigate platform
  • Clean webpages built with WordPress
  • Commonly used applications and plug-ins
  • Discourse plug-in for discussion forums
  • User login through SSO allowing access to all apps with one login

The new site has been designed by members for members. The aim is to provide the Community with a platform for years to come. We hope you enjoy the experience and we welcome your feedback – or please feel free to post in the discussion forums.

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Fixed-Income Trading Operations Catch Up – Intelligent Trading Technology article

Fixed-income trading operations may be as much as 15 years behind equities trading operations, but they are catching up quickly, according to executives in the field who spoke at the FIX Trading Community’s Americas Trading Briefing in New York on April 26. “All the advancements in technology, the transfer of information and the execution of orders electronically are all in...

FIX Orchestra – Best Execution article

Anyone that has worked with the FIX Protocol will appreciate that, whilst it is a technical protocol, the human interaction in configuration, testing and certification of a FIX connection is absolutely vital. The protocol itself was borne out of a business need over 20 years ago by traders and technologists with an explicit requirement to make communication between investment firms...

Industry Looks to Formalize FIX Ecosystem – Markets Media article

The English prose specifications published by the FIX Trading Community for its engine are being translated into mathematically precise language in order to encourage the industry to formalize the rules and algorithms that run increasingly complex financial markets. The FIX family of standards is run by the non-profit FIX Trading Community, whose members represent all types of participants in  financial...

“There’s a large set of MiFID II requirements coming to the community, so it’s important to understand the FIX standards” Bobsguide article

Hanno Klein is Senior Vice President at Deutsche Börse Group which also provides the technology for Eurex, its main derivatives exchange. He joined the company in 1997 and worked in various positions and projects of strategic and operational nature in Germany and the USA. From 2001 to 2005, he served as Vice President of Deutsche Borse Systems Inc. in Chicago....