The following proposal provides a new FIX session layer for high performance. FIX Performance Session Layer (FIXP) is a “lightweight point-to-point protocol” introduced to provide an open industry standard for high performance computing requirements currently encountered by the FIX Community. FIXP is a derived work. The origin and basis for FIXP are the FIX session layer protocols and the designed and implemented by NASDAQOMX, SoupTCP, SoupBinTCP, and UFO (UDP for Orders). Every attempt was made to keep FIXP as close to the functionality and behavior of SoupBinTCP and UFO as possible. Extensions and refactoring were performed as incremental improvements. Every attempt was made to limit the FIXP to establishing and maintaining a communication session between two end points in a reliable manner, regardless of the reliability of the underlying transport.

More information on the work from the High Performance Trading Initiatives can be found here.

The proposed technical standard for the FIX Performance Session Layer is following the technical standards review process described in the document found here.

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