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22 September Tuesday

Best Practice – FIX for Master SPSA

22 September 2020, 16:30 - 22 September 2020, 17:30

Welcome to the Best Practice – FIX for Master SPSA

The Master SPSA service introduced by HKEX for pre-trade checking for Northbound sell orders in Shanghai and Shenzhen Connect, has created the opportunity for the FIX Protocol to support the resulting buy-side to sell-side workflows, and ensure efficient messaging and standardized implementations between parties (i.e. lower risks of numerous bilateral workflows/ duplication of effort across the industry). The FIX Trading Community’s member firms invite you to join an ‘Implementation Webinar’ that will provide insights on the use and implementation of Master SPSA service, including sharing the standardised, efficient use of the FIX Protocol (across FIX versions) to better support Master SPSA workflows.

Who Should Attend?

Trading Professionals and Technologists from Buy-side and Sell-side firms.
Technology Providers.


Edward Mangles
Regional Director, Asia Pacific, FIX Trading Community

Tae Yoo
MD, Global Client Development, HKEX

Satyan Patel
SVP, Global Client Development, HKEX

Nikki Falconar
VP, Global Client Development, HKEX

Winter Chan
Co-Chair, Asia Pacific Technical Subcommittee, FIX Trading Community, and
Trading Tech APAC Lead, J.P. Morgan Asset Management

Daniel Shek
Co-Chair, Asia Pacific Technical Subcommittee, FIX Trading Community, and
VP of Business and Product Development – Asia, FlexTrade

Benny Yip
Co-Chair, Asia Pacific Exchanges and Regulatory Subcommittee, FIX Trading Community, and Vice President, Global Client Development, HKEX

Date: September 22, 2020
Time: 4:30 pm - 5:30 pm
Event CategoriesAsia Pac, FIX Event
Address: Hong Kong
Organizer Name: FIX Trading
Phone: +44 (0) 20 3950 3934