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The FIX Global Technical Committee are currently working on a number of different Extension Packs (EP) as relates to MiFID II. EP numbers have been pre-assigned for the additional extensions that are in different stages of implementation. Please see the details below:

UPCOMING new Extension Packs with PRE-ASSIGNED EP numbers:
EP235 ESMA RTS 2 and RTS 23 Extensions
EP236 ESMA RTS 28 Extensions
EP237 MiFID II and MiFIR Extensions Part 4
EP238 ESMA RTS 2 Segmentation Criteria

PRE-ASSIGNED new values for TradeReportingIndicator(2524):
6 = Trade has been or will be reported [Elaboration: Depending on the regulatory regime the recipient is not responsible for reporting.]
7 = Trade has been or will be reported as a “non-Systematic Internaliser” buyer trade
8 = Trade has been or will be reported by a trading venue as an “off-book” trade
9 = Trade is not reportable [Elaboration: The non-equity instrument is not deemed to have been traded on a trading venue.]

There will be more updates and documentation to come, including Recommended Guidelines and we invite you to view the FIX & MiFID page here to get the full update across the different initiatives.

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FIX Trading Community releases Recommended Practices for Commission Unbundling as required by MiFID II

FIX Trading Community releases Recommended Practices for Commission Unbundling as required by MiFID II Providing definitive guidelines to assist firms with unbundling prior to January 2018 London, New York, Hong Kong, 15th November 2017: FIX Trading Community, the non-profit, industry-driven standards body at the heart of global financial trading, today releases Recommended Practices for Commission Unbundling as required by MiFID...

FIX Americas Industry Briefing 2017: In Search of the Flux Capacitor – Traders Magazine article

From the improbable upside-down plane scene in ‘Flight’ to musing over the state of the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) in the future of ‘Bladerunner 2049’, this year’s FIX Trading Community event in Boston kicked off with references to the cinematic. But it was the keynote speaker’s analogy borrowed from ‘Back to the Future’—and, specifically, mention of the flux...

Best Execution Reporting – IRP Journal Podcast

Its been 7 years in the making and MIFID 2 finally comes into force this January. One of the guiding principles and an expansion from MIFID 1 is Best Execution . On todays show we’ll talk about Best Execution Reporting with our guest Alex Wolcough a FIX Trading Community Contributor and Director at Appsbroker.  

A Long and Detailed Checklist – Best Execution article

The FIX Trading Community established a number of MiFID Working Groups in May 2015. With just a few months of the year remaining, Tim Healy, Global Marketing and Communications Director, provides an update on FIX’s MiFID II initiative. What have been the areas of focus for the FIX Trading Community? In May 2015, the EMEA Regulatory Subcommittee looked at specific...